Using Technology to Build a Culture of Quality Improvement

by Spencer Garner

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Perfect Ward speaking at the Healthcare Innovation and Technology Show 2021

Rose McNeill, Head of Strategy and Oliver O'Connor, Chief Product Officer from Perfect Ward, presented an insightful seminar on: Using technology to create a culture of quality improvement.

Aimed at a wide audience the session was designed to stimulate thoughts of what can be achieved when organisations combine people, leadership and technology to improve performance.

Building on existing quality models - such as 'true quality' first introduced in the Harvard Business Review, Rose and Oliver explain how the culture of an organsiation can be positively impacted with the right technology, leadership and people. Crucially, attitudes can and do change when the frontline are given clear direction but also the freedom to 'own' the quality agenda.

The True Quality model

True Quality

Adopting technology improves quality

  • Remove manual processes to boost staff engagement and morale
  • Empower the frontline to own quality improvement
  • Drive quality assurance through Ward to Board alignment
  • Increase transparency across all areas to foster one team approach
  • Changes attitudes – low scores are not ‘hidden’ but provide clarity on what’s important
  • Sharing best practice and training becomes more effective across teams

The Perfect Ward model of quality improvement

Perfect Ward model of quality