Infection Prevention and Control Audit

by Spencer Garner

IPC: Are you ready for the winter pressure?

The last 18 months have thrown 'normal ways of working' out the window. Systems and processes have changed beyond all recognition as organisations react to the pandemic and resultant challenges, including staff shortages, PPE distribution and working in fear. The world has been forced to change the way care is provided.

Infection control systems

Take control of your infection prevention system - go digital!

Specialist Infection Control System for rapid deployment

Going digital with Perfect Ward has combatted audit fatigue amongst staff and transformed our quality assurance, all in one go.

Carolyn Morrice, Chief Nurse, University Hospitals Sussex

Customers are now focusing on winter, to prepare for the ‘third wave’ and set up the best infection control processes.

Perfect Ward has created a tailor-made package of best practice infection control audits, designed specifically for rapid roll-out to all your clinical areas in a health economy, including inpatient areas, clinics, care homes, residential facilities and community sites.

Our offer to you covers:

  1. An off-the-shelf infection control and risk management offer to use across your entire organisation
  2. The ability to update ALL staff instantly with the latest (ever-changing) guidance
  3. option to add-in an estate wide reporting function
  4. The option to add-in bespoke infection control audits

What is included by our Infection Control Audit

  1. Quick and easy IPC and COVID readiness audit
  2. BYOD - bring your own device
  3. Software agnostic and easy download from app stores
  4. Reporting at different levels depending on organizational structure
  5. QR code technology to easily manage and identify locations
  6. Kings Fund state quality is one of the 5 pillars of an ICS
  7. Standardised audits/Pre-build
  8. Option to add in Enterprise/ICS level reporting function
  9. Use across all healthcare settings
  10. Reports can be managed thematically
  11. Question reports highlight issues on the system e.g. shortage of PPE
  12. Real-time audit with live data
  13. Action planning tools enabling you and your teams to 'close the loop' in quality improvement
Infection control
Hand hygiene

Key features

  1. Extremely easy to download and use so can be rapidly deployed (days and weeks, NOT months) across thousands of areas (with minimal training required)
  2. Applicable to ALL clinical areas (inpatient, outpatient, residential, community, care homes)
  3. Sign up to a community of best practice and insight (with the ability to link with others)
  4. Works across the private and public care sectors
    Provides real time view to Boards and management teams across all sites of service
  5. Flexible enough to incorporate all types of audits and inspection over time
  6. Completely customizable to your organisation structure (by site, division and service) so that you get insight that aligns to your management structure. Our mobilisation and implementation is tailored to your organisation
  7. Our users have completed over 750,000 quality audits across health and social care. Our leadership team have worked with some of the largest care home groups in the UK
  8. We have experience of centralised and democratised audit approaches
  9. We are not just a software provider: we are a global community of health and social care, and quality audit expertise

To discuss the exact details of our infection control audit, please complete the form below or call our Account Team on

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