Write a winning business case

Business case

Advice, guidance and top tips for developing a winning business case were on tap from experienced NHS buyers at a Perfect Ward webinar.

Producing the business case is a vital part of the governance behind spending taxpayers’ money, but it doesn’t come naturally if it isn’t a regular part of the day job. Top of the list of nuggets taken away by public sector attendees was getting the Executive Summary right: make it punchy, concise, factual, and prioritise the key benefits. As panellist Emma James (Assistant Director of Finance for Supply Chain at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust) said, ‘It’s human nature to make your mind up after reading the Executive Summary, without necessarily reading the full business case’.

Joining Emma on the panel were Hayley Grafton (Chief Nursing Information Officer at the Royal Marsden NHS Trust) and Suraya Quadir (Lead Pharmacist for Governance, and Medicines Safety Officer at the Royal Marsden). They provided their valuable insights to Chair of the discussion, Jonathan Hazan, Chair of the charity Patient Safety Learning, and answered attendees’ questions throughout the session.

Writing and planning a business case

Other essential guidance included:

  1. Baseline the current situation, so that you have change and improvements you can measure.
  2. Don’t let the delivery of the business case to the board be a surprise – get influencer buy-in along the way.
  3. Identify and involve your stakeholders early – involve the right people, at the right time, and be sure to involve them in your planning and agree objectives with you.
  4. Number crunching – cash releasing savings, value for money, return on investment – are what Directors of Finance need to see and understand in your business case.
  5. What to do if your benefits are qualitative rather than quantitative.
  6. Reference your organisation’s priorities, vision and values.
  7. Have clear objectives and avoid ‘scope creep’.

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