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Making quality audits quicker, easier and more effective, across all clinical areas.

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All in the app
Connect with staff in real time
Clear and transparent reporting engages and empowers frontline staff. Making it easy to understand and track quality improvement.
Clear view of quality
Standardise your quality across all clinical areas. Pictures and notes allow staff to see exactly what you're looking to improve.
Use data to build understanding
Automate your management reporting to quickly spot common issues or identify challenged areas.
Organisation-wide assurance
Provides a clear regulatory audit trail and "ward-to-board" assurance on quality. Instantly add any new areas of concern to the checklists.

User friendly

Made for smartphones and tablets

Perfect Ward utilises familiar devices and requires no new hardware, so you can get started quickly and with ease. Most of our customers require no training at all. Plus, there's no headaches for your IT department when rolling out or updating.

User friendly
Customisable content

Customisable content

Answering the important questions for you

Start with your own audits or choose from our best practice set of questionnaires. We will work with you to ensure you have the right set of questions tailored for different types of clinical areas - clinics, theatres, wards, pharmacies and more. You also have complete control over users and their roles.

Structure & Flexibility

Standard questions and open comments

Standardised questions ensure consistency and comparability across your organisation. You can also use free-text comments and photos to provide clarity and evidence.

Structure & Flexibility
Live data, no processing

Live data, no processing

Direct and easy to access information

Too many processes rely on clunky spreadsheets and hand-written notes. With Perfect Ward you capture audit findings directly in to the app. As soon as you're done, inspection results are instantly available to all users. Not only does this free up time to care, it allows you to address issues straight away.

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