Support for our acute and community healthcare providers

Perfect Ward has developed a series of COVID-19 quick assessments to provide assurance for health and social care organisations.

Created in collaboration with IPC experts and the latest government guidance, areas include staff training, IPC and PPE availability.

In addition, you are able to extend your use of Perfect Ward to escalation areas. Both options are offered free of charge for up to 6 months.

For rapid implementation, training is carried out remotely and accompanied with short demonstration videos to support your front line users.

Contact to access the quick assessments.

I would like the COVID-19 assessment and escalation areas

COVID-19 support for care homes and domiciliary care

We have developed 2 quick and easy to implement COVID-19 inspections, one of which is based on the British Geriatric Society guidance. Each provide a fast and consistent way for front line staff and management to evidence they have the correct policies, training, staffing and PPE relating to COVID. The real-time data enables you to deliver consistent and standardised feedback to commissioners.

Seasonal IPC Audit

1. Seasonal IPC Audit

The weekly audit checks appropriate admission policies for residents, visitor and staff sickness policies, availability of IPC supplies, escalation procedures and staff knowledge of infection control. Designed to be undertaken in 15 minutes to provide immediate assurance.

2. Care Home Admissions Readiness Assessment COVID-19

The assessment is based on guidance from the British Geriatric Society. Your home manager is able to check, and evidence, procedures for dealing with COVID related issues and ensuring there is clear guidance on how to admit and care for residents.

Next steps and further information

Email referencing ‘COVID-19 inspection’ and we would be pleased to discuss how this could work for your organisation.

Non-customer enquiries

Perfect Ward can help you track your key IPC and quality measures in our quick and easy to use app.

A cloud based solution, we offer full remote training and support to get you set up and running. To discuss how we can help you, please contact