Raising money for the Cavell Trust

by Spencer Garner

Raising Money for Cavell Nurses Trust

The team at Perfect Ward is proud to be raising money in aid of Cavell Nurses Trust, our chosen charity.

Starting during Nurses Week in May, we will embark on a team Steps Challenge to raise money for this brilliant charity.

We have a range individual and team challenges lined up, all designed to get the team moving and active. According to Nurses Today, the average distance a nurse walks during a shift is 2 miles a day, so it seems a small price to pay.

If you would like to support our fund raising you can donate on our Just Giving page below:

Why support the Cavell Nurses Trust?

Edith Cavell was born in 1865 and during the First World War saved the lives of soldiers from both sides without discrimination. She also help over 200 soldiers escape occupied territory. A genuine role model for all.

You can learn more about her amazing life here.

More on Edith Cavell from the BBC