Perfect Ward Upgrade - Ask Multiple and Many More

We are now onto version 1.7 of Perfect Ward and we have some major new features as part of this upgrade. One of the key features that we hope will help a lot of our users is the Ask Multiple function.

You may have an audit which you have to do a certain number of times in order to gain a broader view of the quality, for example, you might want to ask a set of questions to five members of staff, look at three sets of patient notes, or check the views of five patients.

With this new feature, you can now ask the same question multiple times within one audit and get an aggregated score based on the number of positive and negative scores, automatically calculated by the app.

So, what if you do not have time to speak to five different patients? Or something urgent comes up?

To complete and submit an audit all of the questions must be answered, however, if a user is not able to complete any more answers they can say “Not able to ask any more” and Perfect Ward will automatically score the remaining answers as N/A.

Please speak to the Perfect Ward team if you’d like this set up at your organization.

On top of this we also have several upgrades that change the way information is shown in the app.

New "Score overview" graphic

This is a simple change at the start of the inspection report, but allows you to see at a glance how many answers were R/A/G or N/A, and cleans up the summary view:

New "Key Findings" summary

One of the great bonuses of Perfect Ward is that all the reporting is live, meaning that once you have completed your audit the report is there automatically once you have finished and submitted. For each report we have created a new “key findings” summary.

This gives you a very clear breakdown of the issues resolved, new issues arising from the audit that you have completed and any repeat issues.

Alongside each of these, the app also shows you the date each issue was first recorded.

This helps you put the key findings in context, and recognises work done to resolve issues.

Historical answer details

When looking at an inspection report, you can tap on an answer and see all the historical answers for this question. This lets you put the answer you’re looking at in context, to see if this is a one-off or part of a trend.

Extra "Other observations"

We previously restricted this to five additional comments or photos at the end of an there’s no limit!

Download the upgrade now from the iOS store and let us know what you think.

For more information contact us at:

Or call: 020 7420 9372

Written by the team at Perfect Ward.
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Perfect Ward Upgrade - Enhanced Alerts

Brand New Enhanced Alert Settings

In the busy world of Healthcare we understand that even with as much planning as possible things can get put to one side and then missed. So, as part of our new upgrade we have improved the alerts capability within the Perfect Ward app to help prevent this.

Firstly, we have created alerts which send prompts to remind you or your staff that an audit is due a few days before the scheduled deadline - you can even choose what time you would like to receive that reminder.

But what if, despite the reminders, staff haven’t carried out inspections? Well there is now an alert for that too! You can choose to receive alerts to flag when an inspection is overdue. These combined alerts will help ensure that no inspections are missed.

You can also choose to be alerted when an area has scored below an acceptable score threshold in an audit. Meaning you can now easily see which areas need immediate action.

Do you have a few questions on your audit which are absolutely critical or key issues you want to track? Simply choose your critical questions (eg you might want to be flagged on Fridge temperature failures or track all IPC related questions) and get an alert whenever an area fails on those questions.

And we've also added in the capability for you to get email notifications as well as push notifications on your phone. So, however you operate digitally there is a way for you to keep in the know.

Simply go to Settings and then either Receiving alerts or Inspection reminders to customise your alerts to suit you.

Download the upgrade now from the iOS store and let us know what you think.

For more information contact us at:

Or call us at: 020 7420 9378

Written by the team at Perfect Ward.
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Perfect Ward Upgrade - Multiple Audits!


By popular demand from our customers, we have introduced the ability to conduct multiple inspections on Perfect Ward.

The key benefits are:

This can revolutionise the inspection process in your organisation as it improves quality and reduces cost!

And it is so simple to use. Just tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of your screen to select the inspection you want to do.

And inspect away!

So don’t wait! Start your drive to Inspection Perfection today. 

Contact us at: info@perfectward.comto learn more and set up your trial.

Android update will follow shortly.

Written by the team at Perfect Ward.
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