Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals select Perfect Ward as the best solution to support staff transform quality

by Spencer Garner

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) is now using the Perfect Ward digital quality audit solution across all its hospitals.

Designed to engage and empower nurses and carers, the Perfect Ward app encourages staff to own quality improvement.

The initial implementation took just 8 weeks and since its introduction the impact has been dramatic, with over 450 individual audits completed, return rates for audits have risen dramatically from 25% to 97%, and the time spent on auditing has fallen by 60%, freeing up valuable time to put back into patient care.

When the pandemic took hold many staff were re-assigned to different clinical areas to care for COVID patients. The health crisis coincided with plans for a merger with West Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (now merged as University Hospitals Sussex), along with the continued disruption caused by a £460 million re-build programme to modernise the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals
Amid all these challenges, staff were under pressure to continue measuring the quality of patient care using clipboards and pens. They were suffering from audit fatigue and the time had come to automate the process. The new solution had to be easy to use, fun to use and worthwhile to truly engage staff. We selected Perfect Ward as our ideal digital partner and to provide the quality solution staff needed. Its simplicity coupled with instant access to data and immediate feedback made it the ideal tool for busy nurses and carers while appealing to the younger Smartphone generation.

Matt Hutchinson, Head of Quality at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

BSUH implemented the Perfect Ward solution in the middle of November 2020. It underpins the Trust’s Patient First continuous improvement methodology and supports six major audits covering the key disciplines of:

  • Environment
  • Infection Prevention & Control
  • Documentation
  • Medicines Safety
  • Patient experience
  • Staff experience

Staff use the in-app reports to identify areas for rapid action or planned improvement while providing assurance to everyone from ‘ward to board’ that the highest levels of quality care are being delivered to patients. The ability of the Perfect Ward solution to store a complete audit trail of quality activities and evidence continuous improvement to the CQC has totally eliminated what BSUH commonly referred to as the pre-inspection ‘madness’ associated with regulatory inspections.

Perfect Ward technology is highly configurable, it is easy to use and provides our customers with sophisticated reporting capabilities to facilitate their complex auditing. At a glance, clinical staff are able to flag up issues, monitor performance and drive meaningful quality improvements by simply using their smartphones or tablets. Our intuitive technology yields vital time savings that can be released back into patient care, critical in the current crisis when people and resources are stretched to the limit.

Alan Birch, Chief Commercial Officer at Perfect Ward

Alan Birch CCO Perfect Ward

BSUH is now focused on successfully completing the second phase of the Perfect Ward roll-out. This includes adding a new range of specialist audits and utilising the system to track action-planning and monitor staff wellbeing.

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