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The best devices for Perfect Ward

Part one - iOS (Apple iPhones, iPads, iPod touches) 

We often get asked about what devices we'd recommend people to use for Perfect Ward, so this seemed a natural topic for a blog post.

We'll start by looking at Apple iOS devices (that is iPhones, iPads and iPod touches). Perfect Ward has always worked well on these devices because Apple controls the specification so you really know what you're getting, and Perfect Ward has been designed to adapt to all the different screen sizes Apple offer (and have historically offered - we don't forget our users with older devices). In contrast, Android gives manufacturers much more freedom to experiment and try out different configurations - that's one of its strengths - but it does mean that certain Android devices can have compatibility issues with many different apps. We'll return to this topic in a later blog post.

Generally the best device is of course the one you already have - it's in your pocket or bag already, and there's no additional cost! But if you're thinking of choosing new devices for using Perfect Ward and other apps on, here's what we'd recommend.

At the time of writing, the Apple iPad Mini 2 is an excellent balance of size, weight, display and price and would be our main recommendation. The iPad Air 2 is also a good choice if you prefer a larger tablet. 

We find that tablets give users a bit more space to read the material on the screen, and importantly they also appear more business-like to patients and visitors. Smartphones can be more associated with staff dealing with personal matters (texting or playing games!) but this can be managed by clearly explaining to people on the ward what is happening. The majority of our users do still use their own smartphones and all the current rang of iPhones work very well.

If you're looking for a relatively small and cheap iOS device then the iPod touch is a good deal (but requires Wi-Fi). It's also the lightest iOS device Apple make and we carry these around as demo units for that purpose. For power users - if you're looking to project your screen to demonstrate or train other users, this is also the device of choice as its lower resolution gives the largest and clearest view when projected.

We have tried out the new larger iPad Pro but this is generally a little unwieldy for everyday use, and is significantly more expensive than the above so we wouldn't generally recommend it.

Whichever device you go for, Perfect Ward will automatically fit perfectly, and all the same features are currently available (in the future we may develop additional features designed to make full use of the larger tablet screens).

For size comparison we have a range of devices showing standard survey questions. From left to right: iPod touch (4" screen, same as iPhone 5 and SE), iPhone 6 (4.7") , iPad mini 2 (7.9"), iPad Air (9.7") and iPad Pro (12.9"). And a cup of slightly cold coffee for scale.

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