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Quick survey of inspections

Views from the KSS AHSN event

We took a quick survey (using Perfect Ward, naturally) of the visitors to our stand at the recent Kent, Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network event. We wanted to know what the attendees were currently doing for their ward quality audits, what sort of tools they were using. Now this is a snapshot of opinions, taken from a specific event so these aren't scientifically verifiable views - but we thought they gave some quite interesting insights from the group we did survey.
We found from the participants we asked that:
  • Most are using pen and paper to carry out inspections
  • The majority carry out inspections on an ad-hoc, or at best monthly basis
  • The majority spend at least an hour carrying out each inspection
  • The majority felt that their organisation did carry out enough inspections
  • And a majority also felt that the inspection regime was effective at improving quality
Some interesting findings - although we will continue asking questions and gathering information on improvement as we roll out Perfect Ward to more organisations.
We've attached more details on the finding in the PDF below.
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