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Perfect Ward sponsors GGI’s Festival of Governance... Guaranteed mud-free

When you say the word “festival”, it conjures up images of crowds, tents, music and mud, so it was with some interest that we first heard about GGI’s Festival of Governance. The Good Governance Institute (“GGI”) works with health and social care sectors to advance governance thinking. It does this in a number of ways from conducting in-depth board reviews, to individual board member development as well as research assignments. 

The Festival of Governance is an opportunity for leaders from all sectors to come together to share their learning on what good governance is all about.

To us, good governance is not a fixed state but a state of mind! It’s about embedding a culture of continuous quality improvement into everything that an organisation does. Sharing insights, learnings and best practice enable diverse organisations to learn from one other and identify routes to better culture, processes and outcomes.

This Festival provides a fabulous opportunity to meet and work alongside colleagues to address your questions and find solutions that will help organisations play their part in building a sustainable, better future for all. Check out the Festival of Governance now and we hope to see you at the Royal College of GPs on 27th September…no welly boots required!

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