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Perfect Ward and Health Innovation Network

Working with the AHSN

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We're big fans of the AHSN - the NHS Academic Health Science Networks. These are fantastic organisations setup to help promote innovation in the NHS. To quote from the NHS England website on AHSNs (

AHSNs have been established to deliver a step-change in the way the NHS identifies, develops and adopts new technologies and are predicated on partnership working and collaboration between the NHS, academia, the private sector and other external partners within a single AHSN context and across AHSNs.​

There's also some good information on the AHSNs on their collaborative website, The AHSN Network ( This also talks about how AHSNs can work together on national themes.

We will be working with the Health Innovation Network (the AHSN for South London) over the next year as part of the DigitalHealth.London initiative, and look forward to some really great discussions about how we can work with the NHS in South London to help them improve standards in a range of healthcare providers.

In the meantime, the HIN have covered Perfect Ward in their news announcements, to give their members a quick oversight of how the app can help their member organisations.

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