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New iOS version on the App Store

v1.2 improves speed, reporting and security

We've been working on this update for a while, so it's really satisfying to finally get it out to you. A lot of it is under the hood so you won't see any dramatic change in the app itself, but I think you'll really notice the difference in using Perfect Ward, in particular with the speed of moving around the app due to caching.  Perfect Ward will still need to load the latest data when you first login, but after that it will try to use saved data to save you time and improve the overall performance of the app.

Here's the full breakdown that we put on the app store...

Cold, hard cache:
We’ve spent hours analysing all the plumbing of Perfect Ward looking for ways we can make it quicker, and we think you’ll like the improvements. For the technical minded, this involves caching more data locally and fewer calls on the server for data. For the less technically minded, because Perfect Ward now needs to contact home less often it can run quicker. But on the key screens (e.g. Help me choose an area) we’ve added a manual refresh – pull down – to let you check the very latest data if you want to.

You’ll see a new reporting option: Monthly Reports. The built-in reports are a great way to work with and understand the data live, but we heard a number of requests for a standard monthly report that could be printed and included in monthly reporting meetings (boards, executive committees, nursing leadership etc.). So we’ve created a new monthly report that you can retrieve as a PDF and then email, print, save etc. as you wish. The release date and format of your report will depend on your organisation, so for the moment don’t worry if you seeing a holding message PDF – you’ll get a formal monthly report soon.

We’ve added another layer of (internal) encryption to the app to keep your data secure. This mostly relates to the pretty unlikely scenario where someone is running Perfect Ward on a jail-broken iOS device looking to crack the app, but we thought we’d cover it anyway.

And a bunch of other tweaks to improve stability and usability of course.

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