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iOS7 version now live on the App Store

Adds compatibility for iPhone 4 :-)

I'm pleased to say that Apple have now released our v1.0.10 to the app store. 
It's a little strange updating our apps, as Google approve and release to the Google Play store very quickly - often overnight or within a day - but Apple will generally take a week to approve each release. That means that we have all the excitement of completing our latest version, but then have to sit on our hands for a week before our customers get to download it and try it out.
Anyhow, Perfect Ward does now support iOS7 and thus the iPhone 4, so I'm very happy that more people will be able to get access to Perfect Ward. Although this is an update to add backwards compatibility I remember both of these products launching and both have a fond place in my heart.
Although I had been an iPhone advocate from the start (going as far as to get the original iPhone from the USA before they released them in the UK) and had found the early devices revolutionary in what it meant a phone could do, the iPhone 4 was the one that stood out as a different level of quality design. Previous iPhones had been well made and smartly designed, but the iPhone 4 felt crafted. I'm not sure Apple have matched that level of design with the iPhone, or maybe even any product since.
iOS 7 represented a milestone, the point at which Apple abandoned their previous skeumorphism approach, i.e. making virtual objects look like real objects... making the notes app look like a real notepad etc. I felt at the time that they were being a bit tough on the role that the old design scheme had played in getting people used to the original iPhones, but I can't now imagine using these sorts of design schemes - and alongside Android and Windows they've continued along this path. 
We think a lot about these design languages with Perfect Ward, for both iOS and Android. We want the app to feel natural to people used to both sets of devices, and so we try to think in detail about every element of the app design and check that it's what our users would just naturally expect to see. It's an odd process in some ways - the better a job we do, the less our users will even notice!
There's also an absolute ton of thinking that goes on behind the scenes at both Apple on Google on how their design principles work that we have to read up on and understand. If you'd like to read more here are good places to start;
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