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iOS7 and iPhone 4

Bringing Perfect Ward to more users

We've submitted our latest update to Apple for the iOS app store. When we started developing Perfect Ward we looked at some of the stats around who was using what versions of iOS on iPhones and iPads - you can see them here: iOS version distributions. They told us that most users globally were on iOS8 (and now on iOS9), so we started developing for this version onwards. But the more users we spoke to, the more we realised that we were excluding the people who were still on iOS7 - in particular users with an iPhone 4. So over the last few weeks we've been testing a version of Perfect Ward that is compatible with iOS7 and will work on the iPhone 4. There are a few compromises, such as the smaller screen, search functions and being able to test the app with TestFlight, but it should still allow our iPhone 4 users access to Perfect Ward
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