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How questionnaires can be tailored to your needs in Perfect Ward

A common question we get asked about Perfect Ward is how much the questionnaires can be customised - we demonstrate the app to people and not only do they see how it could be used in their organisation, but they already have ideas about what else they'd like to do with it!
The simple answer is... pretty much all of it. The picture below gives an overview - every element highlighted can be customised - but the overall principle is that we've designed it so that most elements can be easily adapted to your needs. This is important for two main reasons. Firstly, every organisation is different, with differing needs and priorities. Many of these will be common with other healthcare providers, and we provide a set of questions to get you going, but there will always be elements that are specific to each provider. Secondly, these will change over time, and we want to make sure that Perfect Ward is kept relevant, so the questions can change to keep up with your changes.
At the moment, we carry out the customisation by supplying users with a template for the questionnaires in Excel and then uploading this into the system. This seems easiest for users to fill out and also allows us to help with QAing those questions. In the future we might look to allow customers to do this from a self-service portal, but we think those conversations about the questionnaires and how people want to tailor them are very valuable so want to keep that personal touch for now.
There are currently some limitations, but these are more for simplicity and clarity than any technical reason. Although questionnaires can be tailored for each type of clinical area, or indeed if you like each individual clinical area (though we wouldn't recommend it), each area can only have one questionnaire at any one time. This is something we will continue to look at over time, but we want to keep things clean and simple for users carrying out inspections and also anyone looking at the information. Additionally, the questions still need answered with multiple choice questions that add up to an overall score. There may be a role in the future for collecting other data (such as recording staff numbers on the day), but we want to make sure we have a lot of conversations with our users first to make sure that this is kept clear, simple and straightforward in the app.
There are a number of reasons for wanting to keep questions consistent, both over time and across different types of clinical area, but that feels like a longer topic for another day!
As always, we're very open to conversations with our users as to what they'd like to see - please do get in touch via email or social media to let us know your thoughts.
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