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Add further context to your inspections

We've added in general comments and photos at the end of an inspection

We listen carefully to suggestions from our users, and although we can't change things instantly we do add all the good ideas to our development pipeline. It's very satisfying when we work our way through to one of those user-suggested-ideas and actually get to add something to Perfect Ward that one of our clinical users has suggested.

One of the matrons who uses Perfect Ward a lot, Amanda, suggested that often on an inspection there were other points that she wanted to capture that were not being addressed by one of the standard questions. There wasn't a way to easily show this, apart from a broader "any other comments" question they added to their survey.

We agreed, and so designed a new feature at the end - "Other observations". This allows users to add up to five photos, comments or both that are not linked to any specific question. It follows the same format as the main questions, so is hopefully very straightforward to use, and it's completely optional so it won't add any extra time to inspections where there is nothing extra to include.

The new "Final reflections" section with "Overall impression" and space for up to five "Other observations"

Alongside this, we also formalised the "Overall impressions" feature that appears at the top of each completed inspection, to make it clearer to inspectors that this was what they were writing. Both this and the "Other observations" space for comments and photos are in a separate "Final reflections" section to make it very clear to users.

This is now live in the latest iOS and Android versions. We hope you like the new feature - we've been looking at the new inspections coming through using the functionality, and it definitely looks like people are making good use of it to highlight both good, innovative ideas and also other areas for improvement.

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