Barnsley Hospital reduces pressure ulcers

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Fast Facts

Perfect Ward is supporting Barnsley Hospital in delivering continuous and sustainable quality improvements in patient care. Of the 15 metrics assessed, between January to September:

  • Only 2 metrics (13.3%) assessed scored the 90% benchmark in January
  • By September - 8 metrics (53.3%) scored 90% or above 14 of 15 metrics recorded a tangible improvement between January and September, an improvement of 93.3%
  • Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust uses Perfect Ward as a digital quality solution that enables staff to conduct more effective quality inspections to support good governance, educate front line staff and promote clinical best-practice across the organisation
  • Perfect Ward has transformed the quality culture by promoting greater knowledge sharing and adopting a radically new ‘doing the right things’ philosophy
  • Reports and triangulation encourage different departments to conduct root cause analysis and problem-solving collaboratively
  • Using Perfect Ward as an integral part of the drive towards gold standard quality, Barnsley Hospital has developed their range of areas, from 2 to 5 areas, covering pressure ulcer prevention, inpatient wards, nutrition and hydration, medicines management and non-inpatient clinical areas.
Between January and September 2020, Barnsley achieved an improvement rate of 93.3% using Perfect Ward metrics

Barnsley Hospital delivers immediate quality improvement results with Perfect Ward

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is using Perfect Ward to provide an immediate view of risks to the quality of care. The real-time visibility of data from the Perfect Ward app, enables staff to take quick action to prevent patient harm. The data, which is captured by nurses during quality inspections, has become an essential part of the quality improvement programme in the hospital, their good governance framework.

The framework is designed to promote clinical best-practice and has made a huge impact; front line staff ‘own’ quality, training needs are easily identified, departments openly share best practice and there is a clear process for managing identified issues. This has all been made possible by Perfect Ward.

Time for change, time for action, time to modernise

‘Proud to care’ is the guiding principle at Barnsley Hospital, always striving to provide outstanding, integrated care. The Trust is equally committed to reducing incidents of avoidable patient harm. To deliver the highest quality and safest levels of care, the Trust recognised it needed to modernise their auditing and clinical performance.