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Perfect Ward is about making life easier and more efficient. Our solutions work across every clinical area - from hospitals, to care homes, to community and social care settings, retail pharmacy, ambulance services and everything in between.

Based on your existing audit processes we can easily calculate the time you can save and the investment required. Perfect Ward is cost-effective and delivers instant access to data for you to generate insights and in turn, make better informed decisions.


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Simple pricing and procurement is key to our business model. Based on the number of areas you wish to inspect and the number of audit types. For example, your organisation might want to cover theatres, cardiology, aged care and inpatients, so 4 areas. Then invest in six different audits that cover these areas, such as IPC, Key Risks, Falls, Harms, Hydration and Nutrition. Fully customisable to your needs and no hidden, additional costs.

Every subscription includes unlimited users and unlimited inspections.

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