Welcome to Perfect Ward

The smart quality inspection app helping frontline health and care staff save time.

At Perfect Ward, we apply the best digital technology to solve one of healthcare's most important challenges – how to continuously improve quality.

Our aim is to bring the mobile user experience we all know and love on our own phones, to the healthcare industry; a sector long underserved by technology, and reliant on manual, paper-based processes.

We created our app to empower all health and care professionals to do their quality inspections, more quickly and with greater accuracy via easy-to-use technology. By using Perfect Ward quality inspections are completed up to 60% quicker, freeing up time to care and providing instant access to critical quality data for our customers.

We work with leading healthcare organisations in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Perfect Ward has a big impact on quality, patient experience and allows staff, particularly nurses, to spend more time with patients and less time on administration.

How we are different

Easy to use
Using familiar devices and a highly intuitive system, we've cut down the learning curve, making it simple to start auditing.
Instant access to data
A clear view of data makes identifying issues and successes straightforward, so you can create lasting improvements instantly.
Saves time
No more manual processes. Simply answer questions, take pictures and your reports are created instantly for you.

What our users are saying

The Perfect Ward app has revolutionized how we collect quality data. It's allowed a trust wide view which we never had before.

Heather McNair
Director of Nursing and Quality
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We use Perfect Ward to achieve continuous quality improvements, making any necessary changes more quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Shelley Dolan
Chief Nurse
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust