Hi, we're Perfect Ward

We're the smart healthcare inspection tool that has helped clinicians save thousands of hours. Now, they can focus on what's truly important: caring for patients.

At Perfect Ward we apply the best mobile technology to solve one of healthcare's most important challenges – quality, safety and patient experience. Our aim is to bring the mobile user experience that people love on their own smartphones to an industry that has been long underserved by technology, and still relies on legacy systems and manual, paper-based processes. We started with a smartphone app that allows clinicians to do their quality inspections, previously done on paper and using massive spreadsheets, to crunch data.

Our current customers include some of the biggest names in UK healthcare, such as King's College, Barts Health, The Royal Free and London Ambulance Service – we’re adding more every month, across the UK. We have recently completed our first international, foreign-language pilot and we see an exciting future working with customers in other countries. All this in just a few years – lightning pace for a traditionally conservative industry when it comes to technology.

Perfect Ward has a big impact on quality, patient experience and allows staff, particularly nurses, to spend more time with patients and less time on administration.

How we're different

Quick and easy to use
Using familiar devices, we've cut down the learning curve, making it simple to get started right away.
Quality improvements made easy
A clear view of data makes identifying issues and successes straightforward, so you can create lasting improvements instantly.
Saving you time
Clunky spreadsheets and handwritten notes are now obsolete. Simply plug info into the app and watch it become instantly available to your entire team.

What our users are saying

The Perfect Ward app has revolutionized how we collect quality data for the organisation. It's allowed a trust wide view which we never had before.

Heather McNair
Director of Nursing and Quality
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

We use Perfect Ward to achieve continuous quality improvements, making any necessary changes more quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Shelley Dolan
Chief Nurse
King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust