Health Investor - Technology Provider of the Year Award

We are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Health Investor technology provider of the year award.

Health investor within this category are “looking for excellence in technology services provision” and we believe that we fit the bill nicely.

From a standing start 18 months ago, Perfect Ward has made remarkable progress. Perfect Ward demonstrably reduces resources devoted to administrative activities, while also significantly improving the quality of information and assurance available to management.

It is no wonder that we are leaping from strength to strength within the healthcare technology community.

The winners are announced next week, so watch this space.

HSJ Value - The use of Information Technology to Drive Value in Clinical Services

Barnsley NHS Foundation Trust

Not only is it us being nominated for awards but it is also those that we are working with. Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been nominated for the HSJ Value award for the use of Information Technology to Drive Value in Clinical Services through their use of Perfect Ward to do their Quality Inspections.

The judges will be looking for how the project has led to improved value as well as how successful the engagement has been of the clinicians and staff at the Trust. If you take a look at this video we believe that it is safe to say that the staff are very engaged when it comes to Perfect Ward!

Find out more about what Barnsley had to say about their award nomination

They should find out today if they have won, we have our fingers crossed for you Barnsley and we hope you win!

HSJ Award Nomination – Using technology to Improve Efficiency

Last year we were also nominated for the “Using technology to improve efficiency” award by HSJ.

Perfect Ward has reduced inspection and reporting time by on average 45 minutes per inspection, this means that nurses have been able to get back to caring for patients with the time that they save.

Users love the ease with which they can get up and running with Perfect Ward; the intuitive design means that many users require minimal if any training. Staff are more engaged in inspections and the ability to track performance and see immediate progress is a great motivator.

Written by the team at Perfect Ward.
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