Improving Quality Inspections - Workshop 2

Perfect Ward
April 19, 2017

March 14thsaw our Second Workshop of the Improving Quality Inspections programme take place here at Perfect Ward. This workshop built on some of the key and important issues raised by our Quality leads in the last workshop as well as discussing new ideas.

After discussing with our original attendees what they had gained from the last workshop and welcoming our newcomers we swiftly moved on to the main themes of the second workshop. This time we concentrated mostly on the processes surrounding an audit: what makes an inspection process effective and efficient, ensuring you get the maximum benefit out of your inspections.

We were joined by Andrew Mooraby, the Head of Nursing (Advancing Practice) and Katie Ashton, Lead Nurse, from Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust who are veteran users of Perfect Ward. They spoke about what Perfect Ward has done for them, providing valuable insight into the processes they have put in place to govern effective use of Perfect Ward and how Perfect Ward has transformed their organisation-wideview of quality.

Our Quality leads were also treated to an exclusive demonstration of brand new Perfect Ward features which are due to be released soon, (watch this space,) and provided feedback on what they thought of them.

Many of our participants are considering a ward accreditation process. The workshop explored ward assurance, what it means and how we can make it work effectively for us. Finally, we looked at maintaining processes, how best to ensure that actions are undertaken after the audit has been completed.

One of our key objectives was to provide a platform where quality leads could connect and share ideas, which has been very successful with not only animated discussions within the workshop but also outside of it as different trusts have been working together, suggesting ideas and even visiting each other’s trusts to help improve their quality inspections.

The final workshop in the programme is next month and if you would like to know more click here

We are hoping to run similar workshops in the future so if this is something that would interest you or if you have any questions about Perfect Ward then please contact us

Written by the team at Perfect Ward.
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