Improving Quality Inspections - Workshop 1

Perfect Ward
February 14, 2017

Last week here at Perfect Ward HQ, we launched our Improving Quality Inspections programme. Hosted in collaboration with Kent Surrey & Sussex Academic Health Science Network and the Health Innovation Network, we brought together quality and compliance experts from NHS acute, mental health and community providers to share their knowledge and ideas about best practice in quality inspections.

As we visit Trusts up and down the country, one of the most frequently asked questions is “What are other Trusts doing?” Quality leads are keen to understand how their peers are assessing. So it made perfect sense to get everyone together to not only share knowledge but also to help harness collective expert insights to develop a perfect inspection process.

The programme dissects the key elements of an inspection, providing a structured framework to debate the pros and cons of each aspect including:

  • peer inspections vs self-audit;
  • how to phrase questions so every inspector can assess quality in the same way;
  • how best to ensure consistent and fair scoring of different areas; and
  • how to motivate and engage staff in the audit process.

Our first of three workshops concentrated on the content of audits – what are the key questions you should ask to give you real insight into quality without having to do a deep dive into every aspect of care?

Jonathan Knight, founder of Perfect Ward demonstrated the app, highlighting the key features of our latest upgrade – multiple audits and inspection alerts. Needless to say, attendees have a fantastic opportunity to try out Perfect Ward and use this as a tool to eliminate the admin side of auditing – the number one complaint from all our participating Trusts was the administrative time taken up with audit.

Our guest speakers for this workshop were:

  • Dr Rishi Duggal, Clinical advisor to NHS Digital and formerly CQC;
  • Dr James Somauroo, Anaesthetist and Co-director of Digital Health.London's accelerator programme (DH.L's programme seeks to accelerate adoption of digital technologies in the NHS).

With our experience seeing a wide range of inspection regimes and quality audits we were able to share our knowledge and insights. But more importantly, the day gave those on the frontline a forum to connect with their peers and share their expertise. Attendees came away with clear, practical steps they can make to improve their inspection and we look forward to hearing their feedback at the next session. 

We believe that this workshop has been a big step towards improving quality inspections and if you want to find out more, click here: 


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