Nurses at North Middlesex University Hospital have adopted a new app, known as Perfect Ward, to help improve the quality of patient care.

The app, which replaces pen and paper audits, enables the hospital’s inpatient wards, emergency department and critical care unit to collect and review important quality data more quickly, saving each team up to eight hours per week. 

It also creates a live report which staff can see at the touch of a button as soon as the data is complete. Four audits are carried out each week by a ward manager, head of nursing or a matron. Using the app they take about 30 minutes to complete, compared to about 2.5 hours previously. 

Corrina Hulkes, one of the hospital’s heads of nursing, led a successful trial of Perfect Ward which included 1000 audits on four inpatient wards. It proved so successful the trust has now ordered the software and i-Pads to be used across all 20 of the hospital’s wards, its emergency department and critical care unit. She said:

“Perfect Ward has enabled us to collect the data we need faster so we can spend more time providing high quality patient care and ensuring patients are safe."

“The app is easy to use which means the nursing staff can do it quickly without it impacting on their busy schedules, and being able to see the results immediately means they are able to act on the information and give feedback to the nursing teams, highlight and correct issues at once.”

North Middlesex University Hospital is among a growing number of NHS trusts to choose Perfect Ward to improve quality audits. Others include London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Weston Area NHS Trust and King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Deborah Wheeler, director of nursing and midwifery at North Middlesex University Hospital said:

“Having piloted the app across a number of wards, our staff were clear that it helped them to be much more responsive to their audit findings. They can now focus on sorting things out, rather than spending time on data entry from paper forms. Our senior nursing team now can see at a glance the key issues and good practice across all their wards, which also frees them up to support staff in resolving problems. After piloting the app, we were clear that we didn’t want to go back to paper based audits!”

Karen West, Head of Business Development at Perfect Ward, said:

“We are delighted to have been chosen by North Middlesex Hospital University NHS Trust to help them improve their quality audits. North Middlesex really put Perfect Ward to the test during their trial, conducting over 1,000 inspections. This has given them a really clear picture of what’s working and where they need to improve.”

“With manual pen and paper audits, to do this number of audits would have been unthinkable. It’s fantastic to see how easily the staff there have adopted Perfect Ward and I look forward to working with Corrina and her colleagues to improve inspection quality and efficiency further.”

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Written by the team at Perfect Ward.
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