Perfect Ward in Innovate

Perfect Ward
January 3, 2017

We’re delighted to be featured in the Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network’s Innovate magazine where they explore how Perfect Ward can transform ward inspections and most importantly drive quality improvement.


The full feature can be found below:

Peter Carpenter, Director of Improvement at KSS AHSN, is quoted as saying: 

"Perfect Ward has worked hard to understand the issues surrounding ward inspections and have come up with an effective solution to a widespread problem.
While the technology behind the app is relatively straightforward to use, its impact is immense – saving time,
money and, most importantly, driving quality improvement – and is exactly the kind of technological approach that KSS AHSN is keen to champion."

We’ll also be kicking off our Improving Ward Quality Inspections programme in the new year alongside Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network and the Health Innovation Network bringing together key stakeholders from a number of organisations to collaboratively examine best practice in ward quality inspections and how this can be implemented.

If this is something that interests you, do get in touch with us.

Written by the team at Perfect Ward. 
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