We're part of Fit Society!

Perfect Ward
November 6, 2016

We're really pleased to have been chosen as part of the Fit Society scheme, from Brand Amplifier.

Fit Society is a great scheme helping the MedTech industry in London to thrive, and we're really looking forward to working with the others on the cohort. Collaboration and sharing of ideas is going to be one of our big themes for 2017, so it's great to be doing the same ourselves at the end of this year.

“We’re a social investment programme offering 25 of the best SME’s and entrepreneurs in MedTech the chance to increase their business’s survival rate. The chance to breathe new life into East London’s healthcare system. And, be part of the 50% of businesses that won’t fail within their first 5 years."

We're also looking forward to working alongside the great partners that Fit Society have pulled together (including of course DigitalHealth.London, who we already know well through the Accelerator).

Fit Society runs through November and into December, but ahead of that there's a bit more information on their website and social media feeds.


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