Health inspections made easy.

Perfect Ward makes inspections quick and easy, so you have more time to care.
Healthcare staff can spend more time doing admin work than caring for patients. That's why we created Perfect Ward, the app that makes quality inspections easy and more efficient. Plus, it's usable across all clincal areas, including wards, theaters, care homes, and community and social care.
Easy to use
No steep learning curve - use it on your favourite smart device. Simple and easy.
A clear view of data
No more clunky spreadsheets or hand written notes. Instant and easy to read data at your fingertips.
Driving quality improvement
Spot ongoing issues and successes to make the most out of your quality and health inspections.

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Perfect Ward has transformed the way we conduct audits, giving us assurance of the quality in our care homes.
Jane Wilson
Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Audits
Wakefield CCG
Before, with our previous audit processes, at the end of the month you'd be sent an Excel spreadsheet. How's that engaging to nurses at the shop floor?
Andrew Mooraby
Associate Director of Nursing
Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
The Perfect Ward app has revolutionized how we collect quality data for the organisation. It's allowed a trust wide view which we never had before.
Heather McNair
Director of Nursing and Quality
Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
We use Perfect Ward to achieve continuous quality improvements, making any necessary changes more quickly and efficiently.
Dr. Shelley Dolan
Chief Nurse
King's College Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust

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